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    2. About Us

      ~ Leading Manufacturer Of Brass Components ~

      Everest Manufacturing Co is an India based company engaged in manufacture and export of wood screws, brass fasteners, machine screws, cable gland and auto parts (battery terminals). Our products range in brass fasteners include wood screws, machine screws, mirror screws and dom nut. Wood screws are available in countersunk (CSK), philips, raised, pan, round & cheese head. Our wood screws are in bright finish. We also manufacture various brass hardware products like brass hammer five in one consists of four screw drivers and a hammer.
      Everest Manufacturing Co is having a large number of automatic and semi-automatic machines, installed to manufacture a diverse and difficult range of brass hardware products. The production cycle includes casting, machining, polishing, lacquering and packaging. Our infrastructure is focused on world class quality and accuracy to provide maximum customer satisfaction.
      Everest Manufacturing Co (India) follows extensive quality control measures to ensure the utmost satisfaction of its customers. The R&D department of Everest Manufacturing Co reflects the organizations attitude towards innovation. This department specializes in delivering, within 72 hours, the exact information about costing and delivery schedules according to the specific requirements.

      Our Aim

      To provide customer satisfaction via reliable products

      Our Vision

      To be well-know brand in the world for the brass industry.