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      Welcome To Everest Manufacturing Co

      Everest Manufacturing Co - Manufacturer and exporter of Wood Screws, Brass Fasteners, Machine Screws, Cable Gland, Battery Terminals. Our products range in brass fasteners include wood screws, machine screws, mirror screws and dom nut. Wood screws are available in countersunk (CSK), philips, raised, pan, round & cheese head. Our wood screws are in bright finish. We also manufacture brass hammer five in one consists of four screw drivers and a hammer.

      On Time Delivery

      We are always concerned about on time delivery of our manufactured products. We focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty.


      Our in house machinery is exclusively designed, constructed to manufactured high quality products and maintain good customer relationship.

      Customer Satisfaction

      We achieve customer satisfaction by delivery them zero defect Brass Products and supply products at most competitive prices with high quality.


      Years of Experiance

      We are Exporter and Manufacturer of Brass Products

      Our Mission

      We have R&D department to manage quality and production of the production. We always aim to meet the customer needs and fulfil their expectation and provide them with high quality of services at the least cost.

      Our Vision

      Everest Manufacturing Co follows extensive quality control measures to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction with this point of view we always strive to well-known manufacturer and exporter of Brass Products globally.

      Our Goal

      We always stick to one point that is no Compromise on quality. Our goal is to achieve excellence in product quality, employee and customer satisfaction. We always take efforts to deliver products that meet the quality standards.

      • Contact PersonMr. Arvindbhai (9825212092)
      • Phone Number(288) - 2560623 / 2560476
      • Email Addressemco@everestmfgco.com